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Manuela Santana

About me

It was 1997, when I got my first job ever. Puma TV, an entertainment-video-music channel based in Caracas-Venezuela, hired me as a Production Assistant without any previous experience. (How lucky! My first job ever, and it was on TV!)

After that first job, I already knew I was in love with the "behind the cameras" world. I decided to study Mass Communications (major in Journalism) but it just wasn't enough. I needed something else, then I took complementary studies and courses in film, editing and postproduction.

Through the years I've worked as video editor,  producer, interviewer, announcer, head of post production and copywriter.

I have acquired a solid reputation for effective networking promotions. Some highlights from my experience include the development of creative campaigns to promote even TV series/movies for Latin America as well as  TV channel Id’s, Add Sales and On Air Promos.

Now, I'm established in Sydney, Australia.

​I've been evolving over the years. All the jobs I've had gave me the knowledge I needed, to be where I am today. I became the Video Editor & Copywriter, that I always wanted to be.

But I keep learning.

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